Energy Sensei Launches Features to Track Energy Performance at Scale

Portland, OR: Cascade Energy, Inc. has announced the release of new performance tracking features within their award-winning strategic energy management software, Energy Sensei. The new Performance module provides an intuitive framework to scale site-specific industrial and commercial energy performance tracking and enables savings verification for energy management programs.

“We are excited to provide our clients with new tools to track energy performance at scale,” said Marcus Wilcox, CEO of Cascade Energy. “Cascade understands the importance of timely and trusted energy performance tracking, whether across a multi-national corporation or a demand side management program. Better performance tracking leads to greater energy savings across more facilities.”

The new Energy Sensei Performance module frees energy performance tracking from static spreadsheets while providing the flexibility to import or build site-specific linear regression models for complex industrial facilities. Once created, energy models are brought to life with automated data updates and central visibility to stakeholders. Users can manage non-routine adjustments to keep performance tracking up-to-date and relevant, while being able to lock models to prevent unauthorized edits.

“We saw the struggles our clients faced tracking energy performance at scale, including our own teams at Cascade Energy,” said Rob Morton, VP of Strategy and Products at Cascade Energy. “With 10 facilities, versioning control and data management in spreadsheet-based trackers is exhausting. With 100 facilities, it is impossible. We built the Energy Sensei Performance module to solve the scaling challenges associated with energy model management.”

The Energy Sensei Performance module is currently in beta release and will be available to all Energy Sensei users in December 2020. Cascade Energy will be announcing more updates to Energy Sensei, including a new logo and branding, in early 2021. Stay tuned!

About Energy Sensei

Energy Sensei is a strategic energy management platform that powers energy management programs for multi-site corporations and utility-sponsored industrial and commercial demand side management (DSM) offerings. Energy Sensei connects actions to results with tools to manage energy efficiency projects, inspect voluminous data, securely share resources, track energy performance and report progress to stakeholders. More utility-sponsored industrial strategic energy management programs use Energy Sensei than any other software on the market. For more information, visit

About Cascade Energy

Cascade Energy, Inc. provides corporations and utilities with the industrial strength expertise needed to realize their energy efficiency potential. With a full complement of services and engineering know-how based on over 25 years of hands-on experience, Cascade has a proven track record of reducing industrial energy consumption and costs. For more information, visit

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