Manage Separate Claims and Non-routine Events

We’ve enhanced the Performance Overview to show both All and Program Only savings. This feature increases visibility to total savings compared to program-specific savings so participants can more readily understand the full impact of their SEM journey and implementers benefit due to more detail for annual reporting.

Farewell to IE 11

Read about changes to supported browsers for Energy Sensei.

New Ways to Inspect and Add Data

Read about updates to the Performance module.

Say Hello to Energy Sensei

Read about Energy Sensei’s new name and logo.

Product Updates – Performance Module

Read about exciting updates including the new Performance module.

Product Updates – April 2020

The new Copy Project feature let’s you make a copy of any project and choose the details you want copied. Copying a project is easy!

Product Updates – February 2020

We’ve added an Activity page so you can quickly view updates to Explore events, Project detail, and files in Resources.

Product Updates – November 2019

There were significant updates made this month to Projects List and Tile pages, exported projects, and a user menu.

Product Updates – October 2019

We’re introducing new Projects features to help you stay on target. Here’s a review of key changes you’ll notice the next time you log in.

Product Updates – December 2018

Here’s what we’ve been up to lately.