More utility DSM and SEM programs use SENSEI than any other software on the market.

Happy customers are essential to any utility’s success


  • Empowering customers and program participants by giving them the tools they need

    Energy management is as much about people as it is about projects. Connecting projects and individual actions to overall energy performance and sharing progress reports up the chain of command keeps everyone moving forward—together.

  • Engaging and educating program participants in ways that drive action

    Program participants work smarter when they have access to a secure, one-stop energy information hub that supports all components of an SEM program.

  • Informing and motivating everyone on your customer’s team, from maintenance to operations to the C-suite

    Robust energy data based on intelligent analysis instantly informs participants about energy performance and savings opportunities, whether they’re at a single facility or across a global enterprise.

SENSEI supports innovative DSM and SEM programs

  • Drive more energy savings

    • Leverage analytics and reports to identify savings opportunities and prevent backsliding
    • Increase savings persistence across all types of projects—operations, maintenance, and capital
    • Provide a comprehensive toolkit that enables active energy management over the long haul
  • Deepen staff engagement and accountability

    • Offer your customers lasting value—a program and the platform that supports ongoing energy management
    • Provide customer-facing tools that lower the barriers to continuous energy improvement
    • Gain visibility into end-customer engagement
  • Improve measurement and verification

    • Increase your capability for robust and continuous measurement and verification of savings
    • Connect energy-saving actions and projects to total savings for effective bottom-up and top-down performance validation
  • Manage SEM at scale

    • Access real-time energy savings information and participation metrics across all facilities through interactive rollup reporting
    • Reduce the analytical and organizational hurdles of running a successful SEM program
    • Satisfy evaluators and regulators with a comprehensive record of program performance

DSM Programs Using SENSEI

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and Pacific regions
British Columbia
SEM cohortsXXXX
Operator Coaching cohortsXXXX
Individual SEMXXX

Strategic Energy Management Enhanced
—Satisfy Customers and Regulators with SENSEI

1 Analyze and Inform

Accommodate All Types of Data

SENSEI collects all the data necessary for successful SEM. This frees customers from manual data entry, giving them more time to focus on identifying opportunities and taking actions that save energy.

Explore Energy Information

SENSEI renders energy stories in a way that’s clear and content rich. Customers can easily upload an energy model and instantly view baseline vs. actual performance. If your customers don’t have a model, we’ll create one.

Understand Energy Performance

Think of SENSEI as an energy scorecard that measures use, calculates and tracks savings, and reports results. Users can create and track key performance indicators and get energy information via push reports.

2 Motivate, Measure, and Act

Connect Actions to Energy Efficiency

Link actions to energy performance and identify additional steps required to drive more savings over time. Projects serves as a project tracking tool for SEM programs. Customers can record organizational decisions around energy teams, policies, and energy savings goals.

Explore connects actions to energy performance, motivating your customers to do more when they can clearly see the results of their actions.

Respond Quickly to Sudden Energy Spikes

Identify and tag changes in energy performance. Dig into the data to determine the likely cause of an issue and document the resolution.

Documentation is easily saved in SENSEI, providing complete measurement and verification information for program administrators and evaluators.

Celebrate Success!

SENSEI benchmarks performance across multiple locations so your management team can rank and compare sites and even encourage friendly competition between facilities to achieve better results.

SENSEI engages and enables everyone on your customer’s team. When that happens, efficiency and productivity increases—and that makes everyone happy.

3 Educate

Communication Leads to Better Collaboration

SENSEI’s Projects and Resources modules function as an energy bulletin board and communication hub that encourages collaboration, ownership, and accountability. Specially designed cohort dashboards streamline and deepen the communication between SEM practitioners and participants.

Easily Set Up, Access, and Share Views

SENSEI puts users in control of their information. Start with a set of default views and then create and save customized views on the fly. Our custom reporting lets you aggregate results for all customers or facilities or zoom in on the individual performance of one.

Use SENSEI to Enhance Your Brand

Stay top-of-mind with your customers by branding SENSEI with your logo, accessed through a custom web address.

4 Scale

Track Program Performance

Gauge the effectiveness of an SEM program at a glance. Pull up cohort or program reports, identify customers who need help, and tailor your services to meet their needs. View recent and past performance, login stats, action item completion status, and other information—all in one place.

Streamline Evaluation Processes

Maintain all records of projects, actions, events, interactions, documentation, energy models, and energy performance data in a secure location for all SEM engagements. SENSEI streamlines the process of evaluating SEM savings.

Engage Customers Over the Long Haul

Providing customized levels of access to everyone involved in the delivery and evaluation of SEM and other programs facilitates collaboration between all parties and end customers.