SENSEI, Cascade Energy’s, new industrial  energy efficiency platform launched in 2012, and as soon as the launch-party punch bowl was drained, we got busy working on new functionality and fine-tuning existing features. Here’s a look at what we’re planning for SENSEI:

  • More efficient site setup and improved scalability to make the onboarding system for new customers and facilities easier and faster.
  • Streamlined data handling that generates quicker, more robust imports and exports, so that it takes less time to upload and access utility bill, or production data.
  • Improved plot titling for a better landing page experience. Now, you can rename and order your saved views, and select the default landing page view of your choice.
  • Enhanced action item accountability. You’ll be able to categorize and organize your team’s action items in more ways. For example, it will be easy to separate actions related to O&M activity from management-specific tasks.

Intelligent tracking of system data leads to more informed decisions

Behind a strategic increase in energy efficiency stands a defined process that includes establishing performance through data collection, identifying issues and assigning actions, and tracking energy savings and improvements, as well as any backsliding events. SENSEI was uniquely designed to drive this process, and now we’re working to improve it through:

New capital asset tracking. We’re adding functionality that allows companies to easily inventory their major energy-consuming systems. For example, if your company has multiple facilities and you want to see which plants have completed installation of variable frequency drives on their refrigeration system screw compressors, that information will be accessible in a few clicks. This tool allows corporate energy managers unparalleled intelligence regarding remaining capital energy projects across their portfolio of 30, 100, or 1000 facilities.

More calculated meters based on more complicated and advanced formulas will make something like calculating your facility’s kWh per pounds of production, a snap. You’ll have access to plus, minus, divide, and percentage functionality directly through the user interface without needing to rely on administrative support to build these metrics. And administrators will be given power to more quickly input complex regression formulas that predict facility energy use from key energy drivers.

Enterprise roll-ups will aggregate facility-specific data into a single graphical or tabular view for your entire enterprise. This way you can view key energy performance metrics for all your sites in one place.  And you can rank and compare their performance quickly to see which facility is performing best and which one still has opportunity to improve.

Expanded report section that lets you add and name report images (created in our powerful reporting engine) and then share them with selected users. Easily select the most important reports to regularly share with your stakeholders, so that everyone gets the same clear information every month.

A Better-Trained Workforce Leads to Increased Productivity

Cascade has undertaken a long-term initiative to build a learning management system of online training videos. We’re beginning the process of creating a roster of relevant courses that will eventually be made available to SENSEI users and accessible directly from the SENSEI interface.

We have a lot on our development plates in the coming months. We’ll keep you posted as we release new SENSEI features and functionality.