1. Establish Performance

    Creating a baseline for true performance helps you learn where you consume energy and what factors drive consumption. SENSEI service offerings help you build an energy profile and information system, so you get accurate, up-to-the-minute energy info controlled for seasonality, production levels, facility activities, and more.

  2. Drive Action

    Encouraging staff to stay engaged in energy efficiency ensures you can maximize return on equipment investments and continuously add savings to the bottom line. SENSEI connects actions to energy performance to help your staff know which measures work and which don’t—so you can focus time and money on the right projects.

  3. Track Savings

    Gauging the real-time effectiveness of your energy efficiency efforts provides not only flexibility but also a way to financially justify additional measures and quantify your progress toward cost-reduction goals. With SENSEI, you can manage your energy efficiency program and see the impact of specific measures with point-in-time accuracy.