First-ever system connecting actions to energy performance unlocks new efficiencies for industrial companies and utilities

ATLANTA – (October 31, 2012) — A first-of-its-kind energy efficiency management system designed to help industrial companies master their energy spend was introduced today by Cascade Energy, a leading provider of energy efficiency services, at the World Energy Engineering Congress.

Taking aim at the $95 billion annual energy bill of U.S. industrial companies, the new SENSEI™ energy efficiency platform is a comprehensive Web-based system that makes it possible for industrial leaders to establish true energy performance, drive action to reduce consumption and track associated savings across entire enterprises.


“With SENSEI, energy management can move beyond one-time capital upgrades or occasional best practices to a comprehensive system that encourages the sustained action required to capture greater efficiency,” said Dan Brown, Cascade Energy vice president of product development.


“We can now connect actions to energy performance in a way that drives change in operations and maintenance, employee behavior and management practices. This opens the door for significant sustainable savings, and in some utility territories, significant incentives.”


SENSEI was created by Cascade Energy due to the absence of actions-to-performance energy management systems available in the marketplace. The company, located in Portland, Oregon, self-funded the yearlong development of SENSEI with a 10-person development team. The platform has been tested in large industrial enterprises and has application in commercial buildings.


SENSEI provides real-time energy consumption tracking and visual displays of key performance indicators, including energy correlations to plant throughput, comparisons with previous periods, event tagging overlaid on energy performance and reporting of cumulative savings across multiple facilities. The company has also built SENSEI to help industrial customers track their carbon footprint.


The introduction of SENSEI comes at a time when industrial companies are working diligently to contain energy costs, which are growing faster than the consumer price index and represent 5-40 percent of a manufacturing company’s cost of goods. According to Pike Research, the industrial energy management software and services industry is expected to achieve 22 percent annualized growth through 2020.


SENSEI is available in North America on a subscription basis to utilities and companies. Service options for professional support, meter installation, sub-metering, data aggregation, and transmission hardware are also available. More information is available at


Cascade Energy has experienced four-fold growth over the past five years, and now employs over 90 professionals. The company is one of the largest in the nation dedicated to industrial energy efficiency. Completed projects total more than 3,000 across a variety of industries including, cold storage, refrigerated warehouse, food processing, agribusiness, oil and gas, pulp and paper, and general manufacturing sectors. Cascade Energy has operated in about half the industrial sites in the Northwest and, six years ago, expanded its service area across North America. The company’s projects are saving industrial companies roughly two billion kWh annually, amounting to $125 million saved per year.


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