View Model Variables

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View Model Variables

The Model Variables on the Data Streams tab shows baseline and performance period data for your model selected. To view your model variables:

1: Go to the Data Streams tab

2: Select a model. The dropdown shows one model for each site and measurement type (e.g., kWh, Therms) combination. Either the Active model or Provisional or Retired model appears (based on that order).

Model Variables dropdown

Each term in your model represents one energy driver or a combination of drivers. If your model contains a combination, click the tooltip to see the combined data streams (these show individually in the Data Streams table).

Performance graphs show the baseline period as purple, the performance period as green, and outlier data in red.

  • Time Series – represents date range periods for the energy driver data
  • Daily Energy Scatter – compares the energy driver data to actual energy
  • Residual Energy Scatter – compares the energy driver data to energy savings (or residuals)

Model Variables graphs

Show or Hide a Period

Under each graph, you can click the baseline or performance period legend entry to hide or show this data.

View Full Screen, Print, or Download a Chart

To view in full screen, print a graph image, or download a table of the graph data, click the menu icon in the upper-right of the graph and choose your preferred format.