View Model Detail

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You can view details about how your model is built, configurations that affect savings calculations, and modifications including holidays, exclusions, and adjustments. Click a model name from the Model Library to access more detail.


  • Details – Shows baseline period, total intervals, and model equation
  • Terms – Displays coefficients and statistics for applied model terms
  • Fitness – Shows overall model statistics to verify fitness
  • Total Energy – Compares Actual to Expected energy to verify model
  • Graphs & Gaps – Displays graphs to correlate energy and energy drivers, as well as a list of missing & excluded periods

Model detail – Output page


The General tab displays model details, time intervals, and model display options.


  • Data Streams – Displays selected model data streams and how missing data is handled (typically treat as null)
  • Combine Method – Shows the model formula
  • Corrections – Display Installation Date, Project Description, and Annual Savings (a negative number means less energy use) for projects applied to a baseline period
  • Graphs – Display the selected data streams both individually and as combined energy data

This tab also shows any corrections made to the data during the baseline period, such as adjustments that correct for capital projects.


The Terms tab displays details about each model term, along with graphs that show the relationship between the energy driver and actual energy.

Holidays and Exclusions

The Holiday and Exclusion tabs display the respective count applied to the model. The pages list exclusions entered for a site.

To add an exclusion:

1: Click Manage

2: In the Manage Exclusion window, click +Add to enter Date Range, Description, then Update

3: Checkmark the exclusion to apply to the model and Save

The list of exclusions are available to apply to other models for the site.


An Adjustment can be entered with the Start Date or End Date blank. To add a single Holiday date, select that same date for Start Date and End Date.

Adding a holiday has the same steps as exclusion using the Holiday tab.


Adjustments are user-defined values that change the expected energy of a model (negative numbers = less energy use). Adjustments are tied to the measurement type (rather than the site) because values would be different based on the energy source. The list of adjustments can be applied to each model with the same measurement type for that site.

There are two adjustment types:

  • Non-Routine Event accounts for factors that were not expected to change but will affect the site’s energy use.
  • Separate Claim avoids double counting energy-saving projects claimed elsewhere.

Adjustments cannot be added to the baseline period.

Did you know?

To add corrections to the baseline period, go to the Energy tab and click Edit. Edit access varies depending on your user permissions.

1: To add an adjustment, click Manage Adjustments

2: click +Add and enter Date Range, Description, and Annual Adjustment then Update

3: Click Save


For open-ended adjustments, leave the End Date blank.


To upload a file relevant to the model, go to the Files tab and click +.  The File tab shows a count of files uploaded for the model and the page lists uploaded files. These files are connected to the model and do not appear in Resources for a site.