View Data Streams and Add Data

The Data Streams table at the top of the Data Streams page shows individual data streams for your site(s) selected – including energy drivers for your custom model.

Use the data streams table to:

  • View each Data Stream, Type of units, and Frequency of data values.
  • Check dates in the ‘Most Recent Data’ column. An orange flag indicates that the most recent data is more than one month old.
  • Add data for daily, weekly, and monthly data streams (cannot add 1/4 hour, 1/2 hour, and hourly data)

Add Data

As an energy champion or data lead, you have access to the ‘Add Data’ feature to manually populate your daily, weekly, and monthly data streams. Talk to your Sensei representative about other methods to add 1/4 hour, 1/2 hour, and hourly data.

Before you begin, make sure your data is formatted to the frequency that matches the data stream you are adding to (i.e. for a data stream with daily frequency, make sure your source is also daily).

1: From the Data Streams tab, click Add Data in the upper-right corner

Data Streams – Add Data button

2: Select your Site, checkmark the Data Stream(s) to add data to, and enter a Date Range. 

If the Site field shows Multiple, then click the arrow, uncheck Organization, and open the tree to only checkmark Site.

For weekly data, make sure to select a Monday for a beginning date.

​​​​​Only data streams with the same frequency can be selected at a time. Once selected, you will see a Historical Range of data points. This shows the highest and lowest values previously entered for this data stream.

Add Data – Start tab

3: Select Next (or click the Data Entry tab)

4: In the Data Entry tab, you can type values for days/times that are blank or copy/paste entire ranges of data from Excel to the data table. It may take a few seconds to update, so please be patient.

Add Data – Data Entry tab 

For keyboard navigation within the data table, you can Tab to move left to right through cells. You can also use the Enter key to jump to the cell below. Existing data in the table cannot be edited. If your selected date range includes existing data, those cells are locked


After typing or copy/pasting data, inspect the values. If you have gaps, zeroes or outliers in your data, double-check that these entries are accurate. Check the first and last data points and corresponding dates to make sure they match your original spreadsheet of data. Once you press Submit, there is no undo!

5: On the Review & Finish tab, you can:

  • Review cells outlined in red for ‘Out of range’ data. Double check these values for accuracy.
  • Enter a comment to record a known explanation for outliers, gaps, or zeroes due to a non-routine event.

6: After reviewing your data, click Submit. After submitting, you can navigate away from the page without interrupting the upload process.

Add Data – Review & Finish tab 


If data points need to be edited after submitting, contact your Sensei representative.

For any questions regarding your data streams, reach out to your Sensei representative.