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View a Resource

Click Filename or the download icon in the same row to view the file.

PDF and image files (.bps, .gif, .jpg,.png, .apng, .svg, .tif) open in a browser for quick access.

Other file types (such as .csv,.doc, .docx, .msg emails, .ppt, .pptx, .xls, .xlsx, .xlsm, plain .txt, and video) download to your computer for you to open and view.

View a file

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You can search by filename, location, uploaded by, date, and tags by typing text in the search bar.

Enter text in search bar to find resources

By default, utility bills do not appear in Resources. To view bills uploaded to SENSEI, check the box Show Utility Bills.


Utility bills are not uploaded for all customers. If you don’t have any bill data in SENSEI, then it is not included in your program or contract.

Sort Resources

Click any header name to sort by that column. For a secondary sort, press Shift + click another column.