Understand Projects

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You and your team can drive accountability and deliver savings results with a focus on projects – from maintenance to operations. SENSEI centrally locates your project list so your team can address the questions, “What are we doing now?” and “What’s next?”

Projects can be viewed in three ways: Overview, List, and Tile. Each view can be selected from the top of the projects page.

Overview Page

The Overview page shows top priorities and a summary of project progress.

Projects Overview page

Did you know?

Top Priorities shows Overdue, Open, In Progress, and On Hold projects (not Complete and Cancelled projects). Top Priorities sorts by Due date – oldest to newest.

List Page

The List page displays projects by row and lets you search, sort, and filter.

Projects List page

Tile Page

The Tile page displays projects as tiles with interactive tools to edit details.

Projects Tile page