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Performance is the home to manage energy models and track savings. The Performance Overview is designed for energy teams, program delivery teams, and utility program managers.

How does Performance differ from Explore?

Performance provides at-a-glance savings information for one or more sites. This is best to quickly get a high-level understanding of how a site or cohort are performing, as well as communicating that performance to other stakeholders.

Explore is best for detailed analysis but provides fewer high-level insights out-of-the-box. You can make the most out of Explore by using its flexible and powerful functionality to explore specific questions you have of the data.

View Single Site

If you have a single site facility in Sensei, the Overview tab automatically displays the model performance calculation and graphed data for your site.

Single site Performance Overview

Date Range – Defaults to the pre-defined performance period (start date same as Explore CUSUM start, end date leave blank) for the most recent, active or provisional model. You can edit these dates to view another range.

Energy Source – If you have multiple energy sources, a dropdown field allows you to select Electricity (kWh) or Natural Gas (Therm).

Savings Type – Toggle between All (expected energy use minus actual energy use) and Program Only savings (excludes separate claims which are added and edited on the Adjustments tab of the active model). Visit the View Model Detail article for more details about Adjustments.

Savings – This is dependent on the Savings Type selected. Click the question icon to view detailed explanations about Savings

Performance Calculation – Shows the Baseline Period, Total Intervals in the performance period, the Last Complete Day of data, and Interval Frequency


  • Energy Savings per Month – Rolled-up absolute data
  • Percent Savings per Month – % data with a dotted black line as the goal line, if specified within the energy model
  • Expected vs. Actual Savings (Time Series)
  • Cumulative Energy Savings

Savings by Site – Comparative table with absolute and percent data by month

View Multiple Sites

If you have multiple facilities in Energy Sensei, use the SITE SELECTED dropdown to choose the sites to view. When viewing multiple sites, the performance page shows aggregate and comparative information across the sites selected.

Date Range – Defaults to include all selected sites’ performance periods. You can edit these dates to view another range.


  • Energy Savings per Month – Rolled-up absolute data
  • Sites Ranked by Energy Savings – Site-by-site comparison of absolute numbers
  • Percent Savings per Month – Rolled-up percent data
  • Sites Ranked by Percent Savings – Site-by-site comparison of percent savings

Savings by Site – Comparative table of site-level data by monthly percent and absolute numbers

Savings by Site – Comparative table of site-level data by monthly percent and absolute numbers

Change Date Range

You can edit the Date Range to view savings calculations in a specific timeframe.

Print or Download Graphs and Data Tables

1: To print or download an individual graph or data table, click the three-bar icon in the upper right of the graph

2: Select from the menu options