Share Saved Views

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Ad-hoc Reports

You can share ad-hoc reports of saved views:

1: In Explore, select a view by clicking the saved view name

2: Click DOWNLOAD and choose a file type (csv, jpeg, png, pdf, svg)

3: The file exports from SENSEI to your computer


Use the downloaded saved view in an email, report, or to post on your energy board.

Scheduled Push Reports

Additionally, you can receive saved views via email as scheduled push reports. These automated reports are emailed daily, weekly, or monthly (depending upon your preference) and provide at-a-glance updates without logging in to SENSEI.

Talk to your SENSEI representative if you would like to receive scheduled push reports.

Did you know?

Push reports can be scheduled to send to any email. Key stakeholders who do not have SENSEI access can receive emailed reports to stay up to date on program progress.