Share Project Progress

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Export Projects

You can share a project list with key stakeholders by exporting projects as a csv file for external use.

  1. On the List or Tile page, filter projects to narrow down the information you want
  2. Click Export
  3. Select Summary or Detailed export and click Download
    1. Summary includes Site, Project #, Name, Background, Required Actions, Quadrant, Priority, Assigned To, Status, Due Date, Completed Date, and Type
    2. Detailed includes all details including project notes and filenames of attachments

Dialog box to export projects

A csv file downloads to your computer for you to format.


Sort your project list and create a print-ready format to share with your team or key stakeholders.

Print a Project

To print a project:

  1. Click a project name from the Tile or List page
  2. Press Ctrl+P or right-click with your mouse to view a printable web page
  3. Print the web page using your system’s print dialog window