Share Project Progress

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Export Projects

You can share a project list with key stakeholders by exporting projects as a csv file for external use.

1: On the List or Tile page, filter projects to narrow down the information you want

2: Click Export

3: Select Summary or Detailed export and click Download

    • Summary includes Site, Project #, Name, Background, Required Actions, Quadrant, Priority, Assigned To, Status, Due Date, Completed Date, and Type
    • Detailed includes all details including project notes and filenames of attachments

Dialog box to export projects

A csv file downloads to your computer for you to format.


Sort your project list and create a print-ready format to share with your team or key stakeholders.

Print a Project

To print a project:

1: Click a project name from the Tile or List page

2: Press Ctrl+P or right-click with your mouse to view a printable web page

3: Print the web page using your system’s print dialog window