Manage Priorities

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Top priorities are projects you and your team actively focus on. The Projects Overview page displays the priorities that you and your team have manually selected.

During weekly or bi-monthly energy team meetings, use the Overview page to discuss and record progress on priorities. Inspire action and stay focused by having no more than 3-5 priorities at any given time.

Projects Overview page

Did you know?

Top Priorities on the Overview page shows Overdue, Open, In Progress, and On Hold projects (not Complete and Cancelled projects). Top Priorities sorts by Due date – oldest to newest.

Add a Top Priority

Blue stars signify top priority projects and appear on the Overview page. To add a new top priority, there are three options:

  • Go to the List page and click the star of a project to turn the star blue
  • Go the Tile page and click the star of a project to turn the star blue
  • Click a project name and click the star in the upper right to turn it blue

Choose your next top priority by filter options such as Due/Completion Date and sorting by Avoided Cost.

Projects List page

Edit a Top Priority

1: Click the project name to see project details, notes, and attachments

2: Quick edit Status, Due, Completion, Assigned To, and Add Note regarding progress (as needed)

3: On the Attachments tab, Add File to save a photo or file related to the project

4: For more detailed edits, click the pencil icon in the upper right corner of the window


If you do not see the pencil icon, you do not have the ability to edit others’ projects. Talk to your Energy Sensei representative if you need access to edit all site projects.