Edit Projects

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Edit a Project

You can edit a project from the Overview or Tile page by clicking the three dot icon for these menu options:

  • Quick edit lets you change Status, Due, and Assigned To
  • Detail edit gives you access to all fields (excluding tabs: Notes, Files, Persistence)
  • Add note opens a text field for note-taking
  • Add file lets you drag and drop a file associated with the project and select appropriate tags for the asset you add

Three dot icon menu options on the Overview page

Alternatively, you can also edit on the List page:

1: Click the project name to open the quick edit page to change Status, Due, and Assigned To

2: Then click the pencil icon if you want to edit any other details

Did you know?

When adding Attachments to a project, the accepted file types include: .csv,.doc, .docx, .msg emails, .pdf, .ppt, .pptx, .xls, .xlsx, .xlsm, plain .txt, images (.bps, .gif, .jpg,.png, .apng, .svg, .tif), and video (common types .mp3, .mp4, .wav, .wmv).

Complete a Project

Once a project is done, update the status.

1: Change the project Status to Complete

2: Add Note to capture details of completing the project

Did you know?

Completed projects appear on History graphs so you can analyze the impact of actions to energy consumption.

Cancel a Project

If a project is cancelled, it’s best practice to add some detail to let the team know the reason for cancelling.

1: Change the project Status to Cancelled

2: Next, add a note to explain the reason it was cancelled

Cancelling is the preferred method rather than deleting a project.

Add note window

Delete a Project

In some cases, deleting a project makes sense, such as when there are duplicate projects. To delete a project:

1: Click the project name from Overview, List, or Tile to open the detail page

2: Click the three dot icon in the upper right of the screen and select Delete project


Deleting a project is irreversible!