Edit Existing Views

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Edit a View

You can dynamically edit your existing views to see data in another format without affecting the saved view. To change your graph options, select an icon on the VIEW tab:

  • Line graphic connects data points with line segments
  • Area graphic colorizes the space below the line graph for visual emphasis
  • Column graphic isolates data points by defined time intervals on the x axis
  • Mixed graphic represents the first data set as a line and remaining sets as columns
  • Table numeric data arranges values by rows and columns

Graph options on Explore View tab

If you decide not to save edits, simply click the saved view name again to revert to the original, saved view.


Do not change an overlay to a history view or vice versa. Changes do not automatically save so there is no adverse effect, however changing the view Type either removes data series or time intervals and provides no value.

Save an Edited View

To save a view you edited:

1: Select SAVE VIEW AS on the VIEW tab

2: Enter a name for your new saved view and select SAVE VIEW

Your new view appears on the SAVED VIEWS list on the VIEW tab. Views you create do not appear for other users.

Did you know?

The new view you saved is only visible to you.

Delete a Saved View

1: Click the saved view



You can only delete views you create.