Create an Overlay View

Overlay views compare one data set (also called a series) over multiple time frames. As an example, you can use an Overlay view to monitor one meter comparing week-over-week consumption.

To create an Overlay view:

1: In Explore, click New View on the right side menu

2: On the VIEW tab, Type already defaults to OVERLAY. Select a graph style (line, area, column bar, mixed, or table)

View tab

The TIME tab RESOLUTION is the interval of the data displayed. The RANGE is the time frame of the graph.

3: On the TIME tab, select a RESOLUTION (1/4 HR, HR, DAY, WK, or MO)


5: Select two or more DATES for comparison (absolute or relative)

Time tab

6: On DATA tab, choose a measure, units, type, and meter

7: Click RENAME SERIES, enter a name, and save

Data tab


For an Overlay view, you can only choose one data series.

8: On VIEW tab, click SAVE VIEW AS, enter a name, and save 

Dialog box to save new view