Copy Projects

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Users can quickly copy an existing project with details to create a new project at one or more sites. The copy feature is easily accessible by clicking the three dot icon from three Projects locations:

  1. Overview
  2. Tile View
  3. Project Detail

Copy a Project to a Single Site

1: Go to the project you want to duplicate, click the three dot icon, and select Copy from the menu

2: In the Copy Project window, mark the fields you want to duplicate and click Next

Copy Project window


Fields grayed out cannot be checked. These fields are empty and have no content in the original project.

3: If you have access to one site, the site field auto-populates. Review project information and edit fields as needed.

If you have access to multiple sites, select the single site where you want to duplicate the project.

4: Click Copy to create your new project

Copy a Project to Multiple Sites

For users with access to more than one site, select multiple sites on the project detail page. After clicking Copy, a message appears for you to confirm the list of sites. Select Finish to confirm.

Copy Project confirmation of multiple sites