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All users have permission to add projects and edit the projects they create. Energy Champions can edit or delete any project at their site(s).

Add a Project to a Single Site

You can add a project from four locations (Overview, List, Tile, Detail) by clicking Add Project in the upper right.

  • Leave Project Number blank. Sensei autogenerates the next highest number from the last project at the site.
  • Enter Project Name, Site, and Status. These required fields are marked with an asterisk (*).
  • Fields not marked with an asterisk (*) are optional. As a best practice, fill the following fields for future project prioritization and planning:
    • Type – Select Capital, Learning Assignment, O&M, or Energy Management (indicates program-related tasks)
    • Due – Select a date. This date can be edited semi-weekly to manage the sub-tasks related to the project
    • Background – Enter project benefits, expected savings results, or past work done related to the project
    • Required Actions – Enter steps or sub-tasks to complete the project

Add project page

Record project Savings to sort and filter by savings values and prioritize energy projects based on savings. Select +Add to enter a maximum of four rows of unique units:

  • Amount – Enter numeric value
  • Units – Select from dropdown
  • Precision – Select from dropdown
    • ​​​​​​​Rough = Default value representing a rough estimate.
    • Medium = For estimates that have been verified by a more rigorous mathematical analysis.
    • High = For estimates ready to be included in reporting for purposes of making claims.​​​​​​​

Enter Avoided Cost​​​​​​​ to sort by this information on the List view.

  • Choose Auto if there are utility rates entered for your program. Click the Question icon to view existing rates. Auto-generated unit savings (kWh, Therm, etc.) show exact value when in edit mode. Unit savings show rounded values on List and Overview page:
    • >$100,000 rounds to the 1,000s (e.g., $125,000)
    • <$100,000 rounds to two significant digits (e.g., $25, $250, $2,500, $25,000)
  • Choose Manual to enter a custom cost. No values are rounded for manually entered costs.

Energy Impact and Effort determine Quadrant (Gem, Quick Win, Strategic, Low Priority) for your project.

  • Gem = Energy Impact high, Effort low
  • Quick Win = Energy Impact low, Effort low
  • Strategic = Energy Impact high, Effort high
  • Low Priority = Energy Impact low, Effort high

Add a Project to Multiple Sites

If you have access to multiple sites, check the box of more than one site to add a project to multiple sites. A message confirms you are about to create a project for multiple sites. 

Selecting multiple sites to add a project

Did you know?

Once created, these projects are independent of each other and must be managed separately.