Add an Event

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During your energy program, it’s important to track events that impact performance. Events appear as circles on the CUSUM; completed projects appear as numbered boxes. You can filter event and project markers by clicking Markers in the upper-right.

Dialog box to create an event

Add an Event

Add an event to your CUSUM view to track site-level activity such as power outage or operational change.

1: Click on the graph where the event occurred

2: A dialog box appears. Enter required fields: Event Dates, Name, and Description.

3: Optional: Select Type from dropdown options (Power outage, maintenance, operational change, production change,  treasure hunt, data event, other). By default, events are Public and can be viewed by other users with credentials for your facility. If you want the event to appear on your graph only, uncheck Public.

4: Click CREATE

Dialog box to create an event

Edit or Delete an Event

1: Click the event circle on your graph to open the dialog box

2: Edit fields or select DELETE to remove the event


You can only delete an event you create.