According to that wellspring of Internet knowledge, Wikipedia, the word “synergy” refers to the “interaction of multiple elements in a system to produce an effect different from or greater than the sum of their individual effects.” In short, good things happen when great companies join forces.We’ve recently teamed up with a refrigeration consulting and design engineering firm, out of Sydney, Australia, MINUS40. We’re very excited about this venture and the chance to meet some new “mates” and deliver even more comprehensive services to customers down under.MINUS40 specializes in refrigeration, process cooling, and industrial HVAC and heat recovery systems. They offer full project development services, from concept to completion including engineering design, energy audits and feasibility studies, measurement and verification as well as project management and implementation support.

SENSEI is an essential software component of any energy management program that:

  • Measures energy use, calculates and tracks savings, and reports results
  • Offers anytime, anywhere access to energy data via push reports, alerts, and alarms
  • Promotes communication and collaboration between staff through instant sharing of project status, actions, documents, and reports

Both Cascade Energy and MINUS40 are committed to delivering profitable sustainability through sound system design, and effective energy-management tools and programs that drive ongoing energy and cost savings our customers can count on over the long haul.Cascade recently opened up an office in the UK, and we consider our partnership with MINUS40 in Australia a great opportunity to expand our horizons even more. If you’d like to learn more please contact the folks at Cascade Energy and SENSEI at:

  • North America 866.321.4573
  • UK +

MINUS40 can be reached in Australia at 02.8850.4811 or via their website: