When we started thinking about building an energy management information system (EMIS) it wasn’t the act of building a software product that spurred our interest, it was the people using it.

We believe that, at its heart, industrial energy management is about people. And that a great EMIS should be built around supporting people with information, education, and motivation.

When we built SENSEI we had in mind that it would function as an information hub that would give people:

  • The ability to manage performance and cost
  • The opportunity to track progress with cause and effect visibility
  • A place to record or upload all manner of program or project documentation

We wanted SENSEI to be a place of collaboration, where people can learn by:

  • Recording or resourcing ideas and drawing inspiration
  • Tracking action item lists
  • Offering suggestions or help

And then we wanted our platform to be a place for motivation that would offer:

  • Benchmarking capability for a single facility, or between multiple sites across an enterprise
  • Potential for inspiring friendly competition between facilities or DSM program cohorts
  • Clear links between actions taken and savings achieved

Operators, engineers, managers, energy champions, CEOs—everyone, at every level of a company, needs to have the right information and tools to effectively manage energy.

People want to know where to go for information; they want to understand what’s expected of them and to be able to connect actions to energy savings. When people can see positive results derived from their actions, then there’s a much better chance of engagement, and alignment across a single team and the entire company.