As a participant in a utility-sponsored strategic energy management (SEM) cohort in New England, a local ski resort has taken on the ambitious goal of achieving a 15% reduction in energy use. One of the biggest energy hogs at the resort involves snow making. SENSEI will help create a Snow Making Energy Index to assist the resort in managing their electricity costs.

  • Includes 50+ data points from total energy consumption down to individual pump and air compressor operation
  • Points include kW, amps, water flow (GPM), water pressure (PSI), air flow (SCFM), air pressure (PSI), ambient temperature (WB°F), and snow gun operation

The resort is also focused on reducing electrical and propane consumption at their lodging facilities and the athletic center which includes tennis courts, pool, spa, and fitness center. To make their efforts at reducing consumption more effective, each building at the resort will have a regression model uploaded to SENSEI.

Currently the resort has 132 projects listed in SENSEI, including a compressed air leak detection audit on the over 75 miles of pipe buried throughout the mountain.

Cascade Energy is supplying hardware, integration and SENSEI software to support the effort.