Orchestrating a strategic energy management (SEM) or a continuous energy improvement (CEI) program is an ambitious endeavor. CEOs, managers, and facility operators all have to understand the impact of factors such as production and weather on their facility’s energy consumption. Systems need to be developed to identify and manage energy saving opportunities. And then, a facility-wide energy team should be established to implement projects and quantify the results.

Given the constant changes in product lines, shipping schedules, weather patterns, and personnel, industrial energy management demands a tool that offers maximum flexibility for viewing data while helping to drive operations and maintenance projects to completion.  

Continuous Energy Improvement

Earlier this year, Cascade launched the SENSEI™ energy efficiency platform. Based on Cascade’s nearly 20 years in the industrial energy management business, SENSEI was designed by energy engineers to not only monitor energy usage but to also drive and track continuous energy savings at the largest and most complex industrial sites.

SENSEI is a multifaceted platform that can help support any CEI program. With “Explore” users can visualize energy performance quickly and easily without getting bogged down by multiple, customized spreadsheets. “Act” organizes technical and operational opportunities for systematic implementation giving team members a central location from which to coordinate tasks and ensure timely completion.

One of SENSEI’s most powerful aspects is the ability to tag changes in normalized energy performance to specific activities. This allows energy teams to easily visualize energy performance, manage their activities accordingly, and quantify savings so that management can quickly see the value of their investment.

For utility account managers, SENSEI matches program offerings to customer needs at exactly the right time—leading to greater customer satisfaction and integration across program portfolios.

SENSEI can be the energy tracking software that makes the difference to your CEI program by reducing the administrative, analytical, and organizational hurdles involved. SENSEI makes CEI work for utilities and corporate customers alike.

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