How will you meet your

this year—and in the years to come?

Corporate Energy Goals

At Cascade Energy, We Believe:

  • Saving energy is about people

    Given information and insight, motivation and accountability, all companies can drive deep and lasting energy savings.

  • Energy management information systems empower people by giving them the tools they need

    When the right tools support the people doing the work, then great things happen.

  • Information leads to motivation

    When everyone from maintenance to operations to the C-suite sees how individual actions affect overall energy performance—the whole organization stays focused on projects that deliver the best results.

SENSEI Makes Energy Efficiency Happen

Based on over 20 years of “boots on the ground” experience, SENSEI:

  • Drives more energy savings

    • Leverages analytics and data visualization to identify savings opportunities and to catch savings erosion
    • Increases savings persistence across all projects—operations, maintenance, and capital
    • Provides a comprehensive toolkit that enables active management of energy over the long haul
  • Deepens staff engagement and accountability

    • Offers your team a program and platform that supports proactive energy management
    • Implements tools that lower the barriers to ongoing energy management
    • Affords enterprise-wide visibility into program engagement
  • Improves verification of savings

    • Accesses real-time energy savings information and metrics across all participating facilities through interactive rollup reporting
    • Connects energy-saving actions and projects to total savings, for effective bottom-up and top-down performance validation
    • Rolls up key, system-level KPIs for deeper intelligence on energy performance and system maintenance

Industrial Energy Management Made Easier

1 Analyze and Inform

Accommodate all Types of Data

SENSEI collects all the data necessary for successful energy management. This frees your staff from manual data entry, giving them more time to focus on identifying opportunities and taking actions that save energy.

Explore Energy Information

SENSEI renders energy stories in a way that’s clear and content rich. Easily upload your energy model and instantly view baseline vs. actual performance. If you don’t have a model we’ll build one for you.

Understand Energy Performance

Think of SENSEI as an energy scorecard that measures use, calculates and tracks savings, and reports results. Users can create and track key performance indicators and get energy information via push reports.

2 Motivate, Measure, and Act

Connect Actions to Efficiency

Link your employees’ actions to energy performance and identify the steps required to drive more savings over time. ACT serves as a project tracking tool. Explore connects actions to energy performance, motivating your team to do more when they can clearly see the results of their actions.

Respond Quickly to Sudden Energy Spikes

Identify and tag important changes in energy performance. Prevent backsliding by digging into the data to determine the cause of an issue and then document the steps taken to resolve the problem.

Engage Your Team and Celebrate Success!

SENSEI benchmarks performance across your enterprise so you can rank and compare sites and even encourage friendly competition between facilities to achieve better results.

When employees feel engaged and enabled they’re more productive—and that makes everyone happy.

3 Educate

Communication Leads to Better Collaboration

SENSEI’s Projects and Resources modules function as an energy bulletin board and communication hub that encourages collaboration, ownership, and accountability. All energy program documentation is collected and shared using these tools.

Set Up, Access, and Share Views and Reports

SENSEI puts users in control of their information. Start with default views and then create customized views. Our custom reporting lets you aggregate results for all facilities or zoom in on the individual performance of one.