Exciting New Features in Projects!


We’re introducing new features in SENSEI projects based on our customers’ feedback. These changes will help you answer the questions “What are we doing now?” and “What’s next?” to help you stay on target.  Here’s a review of key changes you’ll notice the next time you log in.

A New, Improved Version of SENSEI has Launched


Cascade Energy’s software team recently flipped the switch on SENSEI 3.0. This is a MAJOR milestone that instantaneously improves the SENSEI end-user experience. SENSEI 3.0 puts Cascade’s team in the perfect position to accelerate future development and provide deeper benefits to SENSEI customers. 

Here’s a look at some of the key enhancements that come with SENSEI 3.0:

  • Improved performance. SENSEI 3.0 is much faster. In fact, we’d go so far as to say, it’s “lightning fast!” We are employing extremely fast database techniques and leveraging Amazon Web Services which allows for amazing, parallel processing and speed improvements. 
  • Longer login timeout. The login timeout has been extended to 12 hours.
  • Easier data management. “Measurement Data Edit” now offers a “range delete,” option allowing administrators increased ability to manage their facility data.
  • All new calculations service. The calculations engine is faster and allows for more expressive and powerful formula building.
  • Upsampling. You can now view data at an interval that is more granular than the source data. For example, daily data can be viewed as hourly.

We hope you enjoy SENSEI 3.0! Please let us know if you have any questions or concerns, as we continue to evolve and improve the SENSEI experience.

Release Notes – Version 2.6

Recently we launched our newest version of SENSEI. This latest upgrade, version 2.6, includes a range of new features, improvements, and fixes including:

  • Updates to Table Views in Explore— Formatting and data-range improvements Tables are now more useful than ever with. Remember, any saved view can be displayed as a table simply by clicking the “Table” button in the lower right area of the window.
  • Custom Reporting: Tableau software v.1 Integration—For the past few years Cascade has used Tableau software for custom analysis, such as building baseline models. It is an incredibly powerful and flexible data-visualization tool, and SENSEI’s custom reporting will now begin a steady migration to this platform. Release 2.6 is a milestone on the path towards integration. We can now schedule and push data exports to Tableau Server. If you’d like to learn more about Tableau, visit tableausoftware.com
  • Improved CSV Downloads—We’ve expanded the amount of data you can download with just one click – now, if you need years of data, you can get it in a flash.
  • Fine-Tuned Push Reports—Now you can receive regular reports via email with PDF attachments containing multiple saved views, and with a custom subject line and email body text. We will contact you soon to set this up. In the meantime, if you know which views you’d like to receive via email, just call your account manager.
  • Alarms and Notifications—Alarms and notifications have progressed substantially in version 2.6. We expect this feature to be ready next month. Alarms will appear on the graph and in SENSEI’s Manage tab. Alarm notifications will be sent via email or text (using your cell provider’s email-to-text capabilities).

REMEMBER! Before you start taking advantage of the new features, you’ll need to clear your cache. Don’t forget to bookmark energysensei.com and check your performance daily.

We are hard at work on the next release, version 2.7 involving some major back-end improvements. If you have feedback or suggestions on what you’d like to see in SENSEI, please email me directly: dan.brown@cascadeenergy.com. I would love to hear from you!

Dan Brown

VP Product Development,
Cascade Energy

Release Notes – Version 2.3.5

New Features

  • Add toggle control to anchor y-axis at zero
  • NEW VIEW button
  • Demo Support for British Pounds (and Celcius)


  • SeriesSelector should ALWAYS default to the first selection (drawer should expand)
  • Activating the “Measure” panel should automatically add a new series if none exist
  • Rename Navigation Tabs
  • Show a clearer error message when dates are not formatted properly on Utility Bill Upload (old)


  • Removing the last series from the SeriesSelector should collapse the SeriesComponentPanel
  • “Hide Controls” blanks out bottom of graph
  • Permission denied on proxy throws a missing view take.ctp error

Release Notes – Version 1.5.4


  • Feedback button email address routing updated to support@energysensei.com
  • EEF extended to 3 decimal places in summary table view
  • Unicode issues in Action Item PDFs fixed (appearance of degree sign and hyphen)
  • Saved views activated for EEF metric
  • Automatic daily load of weather data
  • Manage pages stay active after save
  • Default landing page changed to Explore
  • Metrics without measurables no longer show in the control interface
  • Add “more” button to accommodate saved views extending beyond screen
  • Hover-over on view data by month improved to show day of month and hour where appropriate

Bug Fixes

  • Site property history view date selector connection to database
  • New Action Item navigation error fixed
  • New Action Item title saving fixed in IE8
  • Fix navigation error in Chrome introduced by new browser release
  • Corrected bugs with EEF ranking table and application of end dates to site properties
  • Tidy data left-overs in manage pages
  • Corrected bugs with EEF ranking table and application of end dates to site properties
  • Tidy data left-overs in manage pages