Product Updates – Performance Module

Read about exciting updates including the new Performance module.

Product Updates – April 2020

The new Copy Project feature let’s you make a copy of any project and choose the details you want copied. Copying a project is easy!

Product Updates – February 2020

We’ve added an Activity page so you can quickly view updates to Explore events, Project detail, and files in Resources.

Product Updates – November 2019

There were significant updates made this month to Projects List and Tile pages, exported projects, and a user menu.

Product Updates – October 2019

We’re introducing new Projects features to help you stay on target. Here’s a review of key changes you’ll notice the next time you log in.

Product Updates – December 2018

Here’s what we’ve been up to lately.

Product Updates – February 2018

The new Projects and Resources modules replace the soon-to-be-retired Act and Manage. How will you benefit?

Product Updates – December 2016

This has been a busy year for SENSEI. That’s a bit of an understatement, really. In the past 18 months the way data is collected, manipulated, stored, and retrieved has changed completely.

Release Notes – Version 2.6

Recently we launched our newest version of SENSEI. This latest upgrade, version 2.6, includes a range of new features, improvements, and fixes including: Updates to Table Views in Explore— Formatting and data-range improvements Tables are now more useful than ever with. Remember, any saved view can be displayed as a table simply by clicking the […]

Release Notes – Version 2.3.5

New Features Add toggle control to anchor y-axis at zero NEW VIEW button Demo Support for British Pounds (and Celcius) Improvements SeriesSelector should ALWAYS default to the first selection (drawer should expand) Activating the “Measure” panel should automatically add a new series if none exist Rename Navigation Tabs Show a clearer error message when dates […]