Release Notes – Version 1.5.4

Improvements Feedback button email address routing updated to EEF extended to 3 decimal places in summary table view Unicode issues in Action Item PDFs fixed (appearance of degree sign and hyphen) Saved views activated for EEF metric Automatic daily load of weather data Manage pages stay active after save Default landing page changed to […]

Energy Software: Do You know What You Need?

One thing became quite clear from my tour of the tradeshow floor at the 2012 World Energy Engineering Conference in Atlanta: There is a sea of energy monitoring software and systems out there. I don’t envy those of you fishing for the right one. I’ve been in your shoes. At Cascade, we’ve used a few […]

The Future of Energy Tracking Software: What’s New for SENSEI

SENSEI, Cascade Energy’s, new industrial  energy efficiency platform launched in 2012, and as soon as the launch-party punch bowl was drained, we got busy working on new functionality and fine-tuning existing features. Here’s a look at what we’re planning for SENSEI: More efficient site setup and improved scalability to make the onboarding system for new […]

Tackle Industrial Energy Management Projects with Ease

Operations and maintenance (O&M) activities don’t have to be a drain on an industrial energy manager or facility operator’s time when energy monitoring software, connecting data to action, is in place. If you’re a plant energy manager, you know your facility operators have To-Do lists a mile long. When operators are charged with keeping a […]

Understanding Energy Data: More Points for Metering Not Always Better

It’s a truism that you can never get enough of a good thing. Think of the extra stuff you grabbed during your last fast food run: Fistful of napkins? Thirteen packets of ketchup?–Check, check. Not so surprisingly, many industrial facility managers look at taking a similar approach with metering energy use: The more points, the […]

Energy Tracking Software For Continuous Energy Improvement

Orchestrating a strategic energy management (SEM) or a continuous energy improvement (CEI) program is an ambitious endeavor. CEOs, managers, and facility operators all have to understand the impact of factors such as production and weather on their facility’s energy consumption. Systems need to be developed to identify and manage energy saving opportunities. And then, a […]