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Tackle Industrial Energy Management Projects with Ease

Operations and maintenance (O&M) activities don’t have to be a drain on an industrial energy manager or facility operator’s time when energy monitoring software, connecting data to action, is in place. If you’re a plant energy manager, you know your facility operators have To-Do lists a mile long. When operators are charged with keeping a […]


Energy Tracking Software For Continuous Energy Improvement

Orchestrating a strategic energy management (SEM) or a continuous energy improvement (CEI) program is an ambitious endeavor. CEOs, managers, and facility operators all have to understand the impact of factors such as production and weather on their facility’s energy consumption. Systems need to be developed to identify and manage energy saving opportunities. And then, a […]


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Ben E. Keith Case Study

Compare Performance Periods Side-by-Side with SENSEI Q&A with Ben E. Keith Amarillo’s Kavan Yarber, Facility Manager, and Scott Markham, Refrigeration Technician (plus, resident computer guru)   SENSEI: How long have you been trying to roll back the meter to save energy at your facility? What have you accomplished so far? Kavan Yarber: We started an […]


Energy Enlightenment in 3 Steps

Establish Performance Creating a baseline for true performance helps you learn where you consume energy and what factors drive consumption. SENSEI service offerings help you build an energy profile and information system, so you get accurate, up-to-the-minute energy info controlled for seasonality, production levels, facility activities, and more. Drive Action Encouraging staff to stay engaged […]